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Peregrine Trailers are specifically designed and purpose built for Australian Farmers.

Typically a Farmer wants to use a trailer for transporting a large variety of different shaped and weighted objects from one place to another. This could easily cover a journey of few hundred kms, consisting of a variety of load weights, different road surfaces and conditions. This could be a trip into town with the family to take the motorbike in for servicing, pick up chemicals, fencing materials, hay, building materials, machinery parts, shopping etc. 

The next day, or week the trailer may be required to transport livestock from the sheep or cattle yards to saleyards. Next day, maybe use the trailer to run chemicals or fertiliser from the farm shed to the seeder. Plus remember you’ve promised the family the weekend away, the trailer needs to be able to load up the motorbike and all the camping gear to get away!

The Farmer’s trailer is a workhorse, this is likely to be repeated week in, week out all year round from spring to summer, autumn to winter and let outside exposed to the harsh Australian elements.

For added convenience, Peregrine’s heavy duty flat top trailers come with a wide variety of accessories and features. Safety is a top priority for Peregrine, and their heavy duty flat top trailers are designed to meet or exceed all safety standards. The trailers feature heavy-duty brakes, solid axles, and adjustable tie-down points to ensure that your cargo is secure and safe.

Peregrine Ag 3.7x2.1m P.Coat 1200p.jpg

Peregrine Trailer are designed to be robust and durable, they are built to stand up to harsh rural Australian conditions. From bitumen highways to gravel roads, to deeply rutted paddocks, with dirt, dust and mud, all while being overloaded because yep, let’s face it, if we can fit it on, we are definitely loading it now as we don’t have time or money to come back for another trip! Engineered tough Peregrine trailers are built to be strong and well engineered, for example if it’s rated for 3.5T it must be able to handle double that! Suspension and running gear are high quality and made to be long lasting because it’s going to cop a flogging on the rough terrain. Functional Must be functional and multi-purpose, needs to be easily adapted to suit a whole range of uses both now and in the future. It must have sockets and pins so different sides or accessories can be easily fitted or adapted at any stage. Needs clear space underneath for stowage. Things like Toolboxes, Ramps, Water Tanks, Eskies, BBQ, etc. Must be easy to use and require little maintenance; Simple and easy is essential. Built to handle rapidly changing plans due to weather, breakdowns, etc. Quick to maintain Designed to be no fuss, electrical for lights and brakes needs are out of the way to reduce potential damage by misuse, water, gravel stones, etc. Also, it is easily accessed to check, solve and get to the likely problem areas fixed as quickly as possible. With all the dust, dirt, mud and gravel taking their toll Peregrine trailers are built to be easy to clean and handle a scrubbing brush and water blaster with degreaser because you don’t have time to clean it with a hand sponge and toothbrush. Access to suspension and running gear is easy to check and grease to maintain your trailer.. Safety Peregrine trailers are designed to be safe to tow when loaded or unloaded, and are built to be well balanced and have a good adjustable braking system to ensure your safety at all times. With varying load dimensions and weights (also moving weights like livestock and chemicals) it is essential that a trailer is designed for stability when loaded and can travel at speed. It is essential to have a good braking system that can pull up different pay loaded trailer weights, whenever you need to stop in a hurry. We all know when something is going to go wrong, it’s when you're nearly home after a long and tiring day. Moments like this you will be pleased you invested in a quality purpose built trailer. To achieve stopping power The axles are positioned correctly, so weight is distributed with enough forward load to prevent trailer sway. Also, the load weight needs to be not too far back so the tow ball weight isn’t too high and cause the towing vehicle to be unsafe. The braking system is easily adjustable and consistent on both sides of the trailer, so a loaded trailer can be stopped as quickly as possible without skidding and causing loss of control. The Peregrine Trailer has incorporated all of this, and more, into the trailer’s design. To find out more contact Mark now on 0409 797 190 or


Quality products, back by warranty, exceptional service, is the Peregrine Ag way.


When it comes to hauling and towing, Peregrine’s heavy duty flat top trailers are the perfect choice. With a reliable design, robust construction, and a variety of features, these trailers are sure to meet your needs, whatever they may be.



Supplying heavy duty flat top trailers built to take heavy loads for farmers and commercial haulage on the toughest roads.

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